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Archery club draws interest

Archery is on the rise in popular culture these days, especially with archers like Katniss Everdeen and Hawkeye recently gaining popularity.

This mass interest is apparently working its way into Knox’s new Archery Club. With a structure based on learning and fun, Archery Club is gaining momentum.
“We want to bring as many people who are interested in archery and not base it on experience,” sophomore and club co-president Jade Ivy said. “We want everyone who wants to be in archery … to be able to learn about it.”

The club has experienced an unexpectedly large influx of students, according to Ivy, who said the club is hoping to retain students’ interest by teaching the history of archery along with the techniques.

The club is planning to incorporate research panels into its programs to educate members about various aspects of archery. Fall term, specifically, will include a panel on Medieval European archery. Members can contribute “as much as they want to,” Ivy said, by doing their own research and bringing it to the club.

“We’re hoping to involve professors and … people from Galesburg,” she said.

Ivy went on to mention that reaching out to the Galesburg Archery Club was a possibility. The club takes an open approach to teaching members about archery.
“So long as you go through with doing it and learn the proper techniques and all that, it’s all good,” Ivy said.

By practicing at local ranges and educating members in both techniques and history, the club seeks to grow and establish itself to exist long after its founders have graduated.
“We’re hoping … by doing as many things as possible, that we can draw as much interest in as possible,” Ivy said. “This time next year, I would love for us to be able to … practice and shoot once a week at a range,” she said.

Ivy also mentioned that competition would be worth consideration as a part of archery Club, saying she would like to see club members competing 2-3 times a term. She also hopes to see future members familiar with archery terms and techniques, and perhaps specializing in a particular era of Archery history.

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