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Rocktober Fest draws audience despite rain

Junior Amanda Shiew performs during Rocktoberfest in Taylor Student Lounge Saturday, Oct. 13. (Jessica Couvillier/TKS)

Despite the wind and rain, students and parents filled the Taylor Lounge to the brim for Rocktober Fest Saturday night. Union Board promised free apple, pecan or pumpkin pie and hot apple cider for the attendees, and students brought the talent.

Originally scheduled to be held on the Gizmo Patio, Union Board Music Committee Chair and senior Kaitlyn Duling said the event had to be moved inside because of water on the patio. This did not appear to be detrimental to the event; over 200 people attended.

The show opened with junior Amanda Shiew playing acoustic guitar. The audience was quiet throughout her set. She played two original songs and covers of “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift and “Almost Lover” by A Fine Frenzy. She ended her set with a cover of “Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran.

Sophomore Linda Kim described her voice as “dulcet.” After her set, Shiew said her favorite song to perform was “Kiss Me,” allowing her to “go out with a bang.”

The second student to perform was junior Johnny Bergholz, also on acoustic guitar, with a plethora of musical friends accompanying him. He had a different student accompany him for each song he performed, with the exception of the last song, which he performed solo. A highlight of his performance was his cover of “Another New World” by Josh Ritter, which he did as a duet with junior Alex Jandernoa on the  cello.

The third act departed from acoustic guitars: Knox band A Few Good Men, headed by junior Alex Burik, took the stage. Consisting of two guitars and a drummer, this set was considerably louder than the first two acts. Audience members could be seen rocking back in forth, dancing in their seat and tapping their feet in time to the music.

The fourth and final act was freshman Tony Foley, playing the ukelele. All of his songs were instrumental, leading to a calming nature. Sophomores Sam Scheurell and Missy Preston accompanied him on two of the songs, with Scheurell on guitar and Preston on vocals.

All the students in attendance seemed to enjoy the show, saying that it was a fun and enjoyable way to spend their evening.

“I thought [Rocktober Fest] was great,” junior Katie Lewis said. “There was a really great energy to it; it was fun, it was chill, we had a really great reaction from all the parents that were here. It was just a really nice evening, particularly on a day like this.”

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