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Liveblog: Election 2012 results, campus watch party

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The 2012 election is here, and The Knox Student is bringing you live updates on all the action. You can check this page for the latest polls, election results as they come in, national coverage of last-minute campaigning and reactions from the Knox community.

For complete coverage from this election season going back to the primaries, check out our special Election 2012 page.

Here’s how you can join the campus and community conversation:

TKS will be at the campus Election Night party starting at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Taylor Student Lounge.

Like what you’re seeing? Are we missing anything? Have any thoughts on the election? Tell us in the comments.

Election 2012 Liveblog


10:17 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

NBC declares Obama the winner.

9:35 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Chelsea Embree

Unofficial election results are in for Galesburg!

Information comes from the City of Galesburg’s website.

The total number of ballots cast was 12,318, so for those of you who like percentages, that’s about 65% turnout.

(For the record, I am rounding percentages down. This makes my life easier. Yes.)

For the presidential/vice-presidential race, Obama/Biden got 7,689 votes (62%) and Romney/Ryan got 4,305 (35%).

For congressional representative, the race got a little tighter. Cheri Bustos (D) got 7,070 votes (58%) and Bobby Schilling (R) got 4,942 (41%).

The candidates for State’s Attorney not only featured an Independent party, but said Independent got a substantial amount of votes. Their candidate was Erik Gibson, who got 5,042 votes (42%), but John Pepmeyer (D) took the race with 6,746 (57%).

These, I think, are the names more people will recognize. Other election results can be found here:

9:08 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

Bustos up 55-45 on Schilling with 43 percent reporting according New York Times

8:55 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

Update on electoral map: Romney 154 Obama 144 according to New York Times

8:09 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6

Updated electoral vote count: 110 Obama, 139 Romney. Virginia, Florida and other swing states still not called.

7:52 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6

Are there reasons why we should keep the electoral college? Professor Civettini says yes; imagine a 2000 election Florida-style recount all the time. Yikes! Certainly ups and downs here.

7:50 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6

Assistant Professor of Political Science Andrew Civettini says we are likely to see 53 Democratic senators and a House controlled by the Republican party. Thus, regardless of who wins, Congress is likely to remain divided.

7:48 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6

Vice President Joe Biden is already building momentum for the 2016 election, Associate Professor of Educational Studies Kelton Williams said.

7:47 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6

Thoughts from professors:

Assistant Professor of History Emre Sencer: “In Turkey, they’re already saying that Obama won.”

Instructor of Journalism David Amor: “Whether [social media] affects turnout, who knows. But it’s helped people raise a ton of money.”

Assistant Professor of Educational Studies Kelton Williams: “The biggest difference [in this election with respect to unions] is how you identify public sector unions and private sector unions. Private sector unions are not a big deal in this election. Public sector unions, especially teachers’ unions, are a big deal. There’s a lot of animosity among the Republicans going towards public sector and teachers’ unions. I don’t think Democrats are much more in favor of teachers’ unions; they’re just much better at playing up to the teachers’ unions.”

Instructor of Journalism David Amor: “We’ll have to wait on the House and Senate races [to see how things will change].”

7:41 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Chelsea Embree

It’s the election viewing party in the Taylor Student Lounge and things are already insane. There’s been an incredible turnout and some people are very disappointed that they didn’t get any pizza from baked. (Cough).

With the race so close, many students seem concerned about more than just their stomachs.

Junior Shelly Bhanot seems to have been affected by polls as recent as yesterday.

“I kept on thinking about the importance of the electoral college, and how the majority of that determines the winner of the election. And I thought, oh, well [Obama] definitely has the majority of Illinois, so I don’t have to go vote,” Bhanot said. “Then I saw the electoral polls yesterday, and [Obama and Romney] were tied in the polls. After they were saying they were tied in the polls for like two hours, I went to go vote.”

This writer, at the very least, finds one overarching positive in the heated race between the presidential candidates: More people are voting. And this includes my younger counterparts, thankfully, and minorities, according to my Twitter feed.

With a number of issues to be concerned about during this election cycle, some come to the forefront on a small, liberal arts college campus.

Seniors Brittany Wisniewski and Amanda Goslawski said that women’s healthcare was their top concern. While they recognized that the economy was also important to consider, they believed that the issues there would eventually correct themselves.

One thing that everyone seems to agree on is the fact that the race is close and will be too close to tell for quite some time.

My nerves are staying tuned.

7:31 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6

CBS has called Ohio: 58 percent of the vote for Obama.

7:12 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

Obama with early  three point lead in Florida with just over 8 percent reporting

7:10 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

Updates from AP:
Obama takes Illinois, Connecticut, Maine, D.C., Deleware, Rhode Island, Maryland, Massachusetts
Romney takes Oklahoma
AP has electoral race Romney 40 Obama 64

7:07 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

Knox Voting and Elections class exit poll results from Galesburg:
Obama 72 percent
Romney 24 percent

Illinois District 17 Congressional Race
Bustos (D) 66 percent
Schilling (R) 32 percent

7:02 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

AP declares Romney winner in South Carolina.

6:56 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

Largest wave of poll closings coming up here in a few minutes.

6:50 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6

Votes are starting to come in from Ohio. With less than 1 percent of precincts reporting, 61.4 percent of the vote goes to Romney, according to The New York Times.

6:34 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

West Virginia to Romney according to multiple sources. Again not surprising. Romney up 24-3 in electoral college.

6:32 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

Exit polls showing North Carolina at 49-49 in the presidential race, according to CNN.

6:28 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

Electoral college update: Romney 19 Obama 3

6:25 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6

The first numbers in Virginia are in. With 1 percent of precincts reporting, 55.3 percent of the vote has gone to Romney. See the updated electoral college map here.

6:24 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

Indiana to Romney.

6:20 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

CNN has 5 percent of the vote in on Florida with the race dead even. Not the first discrepancy we will see tonight.

6:19 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6

Polls are closed in Florida, one of the tightest races in this election. With less than 1 percent of precincts reporting, Romney leads with 65.2 percent of the popular vote. We’ll keep watching as more results come in.

6:18 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

Indiana senate race very close with 6 percent of vote in: 47 percent for Mourdock (R) and 47 percent Donnelly (D). Mourdock is up by only about 1,000 votes.

6:09 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Charlie Megenity

All eyes on Virginia right now, where polls closed at 6 p.m. This is a key battleground state in the presidential election. Stay tuned.

6:01 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

Vermont to Obama, Kentucky to Romney, no surprises there

5:16 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6

As results start to trickle in, keep track of where each candidate stands with this interactive map from The New York Times. Right now, 1 percent of precincts are reporting in Indiana, Kentucky and New Hampshire…but things will get more exciting, promise.

3:48 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

New Jersey expands email voting until Friday, unprecedented.

3:44 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Julian Boireau, Editor-in-chief

In 2008, Los Angeles based street artist Shepard Fairley created a poster of Barack Obama that has since blown up into a veritable pop culture icon. This year I’ve been looking for images that would come to represent something more than just this election, but as of now have yet to find any as powerful as this one. The stylized portrait has since been used in multiple capacities, but nevertheless represents a time when the United States took a huge step forward driven by vibrant hope, electing the first African American president and moving away from an administration on which I will not comment right now.

Comment below with any election related images that you believe will live on after the final result is called and what you believe they will come to represent.

Also, check out this essay he wrote for 90 Days, 90 Reasons, a compilation of essays based on the reelection of President Obama.

3:10 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6

Obama wins Guam with 72.39 percent, according to Ballot Access News. Based off of 2008 results (where Obama also won a large majority), this isn’t surprising. Swing states, though, are another matter. Informal poll: who will win Virginia? Tell us what you think in the comments.

3:05 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6

So it would seem, Jackson. Things will be tight regardless. (And these projections are very much in line with mine, so I’m inclined to support them, if only for the sake of winning Andy Civettini’s electoral college map coloring contest.)

2:53 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

Mark it down, Ohio will not come down to provisional ballots. CNN obsessed with this thought though.

2:42 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

So basically going along with pretty much every projection if I’m reading that right Anna.

2:33 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6

Track polls today over at Talking Points Memo. Based on the polls, Obama leads in Ohio (+2.4), Virginia (+1.8), Colorado (+3.1), Pennsylvania (+3.8), Iowa (+2.3), Nevada (+4.7), Wisconsin (+5.3), New Mexico (+8.0), Michigan (+4.8) and New Hampshire (+2.8). Romney is pulling ahead in Florida (+1.2) and North Carolina (+1.2).

2:21 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6

If you log on to Facebook today, you’ll see a box at the top of your screen asking if you’ve voted. Facebook will then tabulate how many of its users have cast ballots in this election so far. Current count: about 3 million.

2:12 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

With four Supreme Court judges at 74 or older, Obama or Romney will have huge impact on justice system in coming years.

1:21 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6

Have you experienced problems with notaries in town? Email me at or tweet @anna_strophe. Looking to investigate alleged belligerence towards Knox students.

12:33 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Charlie Megenity

Wondering how voters are getting by in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy? Here’s an inspiring AP photo of voters in dark tents getting by with flashlights.

12:33 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6
Jackson White

Something in the category of things that might/will get lost in the shuffle of election day: Giuliani sticking his neck out there saying that the current government aid in response to Sandy has been worse than Hurricane Katrina.

12:21 pm, Tuesday, Nov 6

Need a break from the election chaos? “44 Plays for 44 Presidents,” part of a national festival surrounding Election Day, is showing in Studio Theatre tonight at 6:30 (so you still having plenty of time to watch the results roll in). Read my review of the production here. In a nutshell: there’s quite a lot to learn from the short version of history.

9:26 am, Tuesday, Nov 6

Is it rational to vote when your ballot is just one in 100 million? Some say yes. Here’s why.

It’s a rainy day in Galesburg, but be sure to make your way to the polling place if you haven’t already and make your voice heard.

11:55 pm, Monday, Nov 5

In the final minutes before Election Day, the RCP average stands at 48.8 percent of the popular vote for Obama and 48.1 percent for Romney. Still, the popular vote matters much less than the electoral college breakdown, and if you believe Andy Civettini (as I tend to), the electoral college is tilted heavily in Obama’s favor. Less than 24 hours until we know for sure.

5:23 pm, Monday, Nov 5
Charlie Megenity

The staff is gathered to talk about elections coverage. Exciting stuff!

4:58 pm, Monday, Nov 5

The political nerd in me did a dance when I found this neat electoral graphic from The New York Times. Put in your guesses for who will win in each state and then see what needs to happen for Obama or Romney to win overall.

1:20 pm, Monday, Nov 5
Charlie Megenity

As pointed out by Tom Courtright and Jake Maryott on our Facebook page, the electoral college outlook for Romney isn’t looking too good, according to a FiveThirtyEight blog post from the New York Times.

12:29 pm, Monday, Nov 5
Charlie Megenity

It’s not much that we didn’t know before, but Frank Newport, the head of Gallup polls, told Bloomberg Businessweek earlier today that the presidential election is nearly a tie, with Romney at 49 percent and Obama at 48. We’ll have more details when the poll is released.

10:54 am, Monday, Nov 5

If you’re a Knox student, live on campus (or nearby) and are registered to vote in Galesburg, your polling place is First Baptist Church, 169 S. Cherry St. For more info on how to fill out and cast your ballot, check out the Galesburg Election Commission’s step-by-step walkthrough.

12:37 am, Monday, Nov 5
Charlie Megenity

Losing steam on homework? Same here. Check out this cool interactive electoral map from the New York Times.


8:41 pm, Sunday, Nov 4
Charlie Megenity

If you’re registered to vote in Galesburg, here’s a link to the sample ballot. Make sure you read up before you get to the voting booth.

8:41 pm, Sunday, Nov 4

The latest polling average from Real Clear Politics has President Barack Obama winning the popular vote by .5 percent. RCP compiles the results of a dozen national polls and averages them, helping voters get a quick snapshot of national opinions without having to wade through pages of Google search results. The margin between Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney has been steadily narrowing as the election approaches; still, most polls still show Obama winning.

For a wonkier perspective, check out Pollyvote, which aggregates academic models to forecast election results. Today’s Pollyvote puts Obama at 51.1 percent of the popular vote, up .2 percentage points from yesterday.

8:15 pm, Sunday, Nov 4
Charlie Megenity

TKS VIDEO: Knox students give their opinions on this year’s elections:


7:53 pm, Sunday, Nov 4
Charlie Megenity

First post on the liveblog! If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s our Election 2012 special topics page:


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