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Looking good in layers

Junior Esther Farler-Westphal accessorizes with a faux fur coat and pearls on top of her sorority t-shirt to complete her “college professional” style outfit. (Casey Mendoza/TKS)

As winter term progresses, the temperatures are dropping lower and lower. Though it may seem difficult to simultaneously stay warm and look good, many Knox students are managing.
Most Knox students seem to agree that layering is the best way to achieve warmth but also look good in the winter months.

“Layering for me is year round,” junior Shelly Bhanot said. “I think it’s great to be able to put sweaters on top of scarves on top of tank tops on top of skirts on top of tights on top of long socks … layers are really just my favorite thing.”

“[I recommend] multiple layers, depending on the time of day,” freshman Adrian Secter said, “so you can shed them as you go throughout the day.”

Though some students struggle to layer without looking too bulky, many students have ways to avoid this plight.

“Thin layers of good quality material [are good for layering],” Secter said.

Students agree that layering should be done only with the right clothing.

“It’s important to have fabric that falls on you nicely.  You shouldn’t be layering fabric that is tight on you, just layering things that just fall,” Bhanot said.

However, some believe that function takes priority over fashion.

“Sometimes I’m okay with looking like a marshmallow, but it’s not necessary to do that many layers,” freshman Roman Magid said.

Each Knox student has an individual style and way of keeping warm, which appears to be even more evident in the winter.

“I love fake fur, a lot,” junior Esther Farler-Westphal said. “It’s so warm and fuzzy, which is good with skirts and coats and gloves or headbands or hats. So that’s fun.”

“I’m so in love with the idea of skinny jeans and clunky snow boots. It’s very in right now,” Bhanot said. “Like, boots that are multifunctional and have a rubbery base so you can walk through snow, but have a lining that keep your feet warm. It’s great for this weather.”

It seems students agree that the secret to staying warm and fashionable is to be comfortable and develop a personal style.

“I think it’s just to remember that you get the colors that you like and the patterns that are your style, and even though the general style is very simple, there’s a lot of ways to make it your own,” Bhanot said.
Farler-Westphal shares this idea.

“The key to staying stylish in the winter is comfort and warmth.” Farler-Westphal said. “When you have pieces that you love to wear that make you happy that you feel [good] in, that are warm and fuzzy, and if you’re excited about them and they make you warm and comfortable, then it’s easier to not wear sweatpants.”

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