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Volcano Bakemeat talks nerdy

Junior Grant Lowe discusses Pokémon games on Saturday, Jan. 12,as part of his WKVC radio show, Volcano Bakemeat. Junior Connor Schmidt co-hosts with Lowe every Saturday at 1 p.m. (Casey Mendoza/TKS)

Volcano Bakemeat is the “nerd talk” radio of Knox College. It is a show hosted by juniors Grant Lowe and Connor Schmidt.
“We try to keep it to just nerdy stuff like video games and comics,” Schmidt said. “We find ourselves wandering a bit … We do more and more, it seems, every time around.”

This has certainly proven to be true. From Final Fantasy to adventure games to the Marvel movie franchise, these two have truly tapped into the “nerd culture” at Knox.

The first question this show raises for many is: why Volcano Bakemeat?

“No one gets the title, but that’s okay.” Schmidt said. “In a way, we don’t even get it.”

Volcano Bakemeat is a name derived from a popular video walkthrough of Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal by YouTube user “DeliciousCinnamon.”

“It is a bootlegged version of the game,” Lowe said, and the translations are far from accurate.

“Before you go on your Pokemon adventure,” Lowe said, “you examine the oven in your house and it says, ‘An adept arranging for mother. Volcano bakemeat.’”

The humor of this launched inspiration for the name of the show.

According to Lowe, the name was decided “in the middle of the night.”

“We tend to pick things apart and discuss and observe,” Schmidt said. “Not really debate, but discuss. We like to be a dialogue.”

Lowe described the show as “a very organic process.”

“It all just happens there,” Schmidt said.

“We give ourselves a topic and go,” Lowe said. “One time we had a show where we talked specifically about roleplay video games … We’ve talked about comic books. We did a show about adventure games in general.”

“We haven’t had much community response but we’re open to community response,” Lowe said.

The show’s “origin story,” according to Lowe, began when he and Schmidt met as roommates.

“Right away we hit it off,” Lowe said, thus beginning a series of conversations that kept both up to the early hours of the morning.

“One day all of our friends were doing music shows and we thought, ‘Why don’t we do what we do every night, but in front of a microphone?’ And that’s how the idea was born,” Lowe said.

While the title may not be accessible to everyone, the show is not only for fans of the increasingly popular “Let’s Play” video game walkthrough videos, nor is it only for fans of video games.

The intended audience is “more just a type of people who are familiar with these old games or familiar with the nostalgia” and “all the cliches and jokes that come with that culture,” Schmidt said.

Lowe and Schmidt accept topic submissions, comments and feedback on their Facebook page, Volcano Bakemeat Radio. Their show airs on 90.7 WVKC at 1 p.m. every Saturday.

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