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Meet your food: International Fair food profiles

“The world comes together at Knox College.” President Teresa Amott’s concluding words to the Flag Parade certainly rang true at the preceding food fair. Eleven clubs came together to create a fun and delicious time for all Knox students, staff and guests. From Chinese Club to German Club to Live Action Role Play club, all attendees had an a variety of international cuisine to choose from. Some of these foods included Japanese yakitori and dango, as well as French quiche lorraine and  moelleux au chocolat. Below are profiles of some of these fantastic dishes.

International Fair 2013- food

Dishes: Quiche lorraine and moelleux au chocolat

Prepared by French Club

“[In] French Club, one of our big attractions is the cuisine … so we decided to make these classic French dishes,” French club president senior Erin Bell said. “We wanted to boast authenticity.”

French club meant to meet that goal with rich chocolate cake and a dish named after one of the regions in France.

“Everyone has come up to me and said they absolutely loved the quiche,” Bell said.

The club reported equal enthusiasm for the  moelleux au chocolat.

International Fair 2013- food

Dish: Schmalzgeback with applesauce

Prepared by German Club

German Club president junior Sterling Kowalski chose popular, tried and true dishes this year, much to the delight of many visitors to German Club’s booth.

The food fair is an event that draws many fond memories for both current students and Knox alumni alike.

“I absolutely love cooking for I-fair every year. Cooking with Helmut Mayer is probably one of the best experiences you can have here at Knox,” Bell said.

International Fair 2013- food

Dishes: Yakitori and dango

Prepared by Japanese Club

The first dish was yakitori, a grilled chicken skewer dish with green onions and glazed with a soy sauce, ginger and garlic sauce. For desert, dango was made. Dango is a skewered rice dumpling dish with a sweet soy sauce.

“Yakitori and dango are usually considered street foods. You see that a lot in the media — especially in anime. We decided that worked well with the theme,” sophomore Bethany Larson of the Japanese Club said. “Everyone really liked it, I’m pretty sure. We ran out, so that’s a good thing.”

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