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Seniors bring ‘merica to 90.7 WVKC

Music“’MERICA!” It’s the self-described genre of “Moose and Flint” — seniors Abe Eastman and Steve Spence’s radio show, which broadcasts weekly on Fridays from 2:40 to 4 p.m.

Extrapolating upon this theme, Eastman said that “we thought there was a lack of patriotism at Knox … we take a lot of anti-American talk — not like McCarthy-era anti-America stuff …. [but] a lot of negative spirit around the country, and we felt like we’d feel the void of the positive spirit, the positive side of America.”

“We [also] wanted to bring some good, solid American music to the radio,” Spence added.

Their music selections range from classic rock to alternative country to “straight up country” along with adult contemporary and bluegrass.

“Not enough of that’s played — I feel like country gets a bad rep,” Eastman said.

Spence and Eastman talk about more than just music.

A casual sampling of their Friday broadcast on Jan. 25 included a discussion of the poor planning that went into last week’s senior meeting, handling the cold like an American, George Washington, Knox’s questionable choice in graduation ceremony music selections and robot arms.

They began the show last fall term, after they had filled in on Spence’s other show, “The Whistles Go Woo,” as Moose and Flint.

The two, who “go way back” having been roommates during their freshman year, wanted to host a show to “amp up the American spirit.”

As for the origin of their aliases, Eastman said, “when I was born, I was a large baby … so when the doctor was about to hand it to my mom, they were like, ‘What is it? A boy or girl? Oh, it’s a moose!’ … It kind of fit the theme of the show.”

Spence added,  “I’m actually just from Flint, Michigan.”

Their future plans for the show?

“[To] continue not sucking. And maybe rattle some cages, get people talking,” Eastman said.

“I can’t imagine that we haven’t said things that probably pissed some people off, to be quite candid about it … It’s all in good fun,” Spence said. “[On the air] we imagine no one’s listening … that’s how I treat it; it’s kind of a freeing experience.”

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