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Students broadcast ‘shenanigans’ on WVKC

radio show3Every Friday at 5 p.m., listeners can tune in to catch “Unacceptable,” a radio show governed by the theme of “shenanigans.”

Freshmen suitemates Kiara Honeysucker and Anna Clifford named their show after a scene in the “Adventure Time” cartoon series on Cartoon Network.

As the radio show is not intended to be serious and is intentionally disorderly, it mimics the state of the castle of Candy Kingdom while under the rule of 13-year-old Princess Bubblegum.

“Are you familiar with Adventure Time? Do you know who Lemon Grab is? He’s the Earl of the Candy Kingdom, and when he first entered in an episode called ‘Too Young,’ he judged the castle to be in ‘unacceptable’ condition. It’s named after that quote,” Honeysucker said.

Their genre of “shenanigans” allows for the eclectic content of their show, which is determined the day before, or during, their show. Recent shows have included readings of humorous fanfiction found online and asking people to call in with song requests from their favorite pop groups.

“Usually we forget about the show until Thursday, then we talk about themes that we don’t actually use, then we talk about it on Friday morning, hence our genre being shenanigans,” Honeysucker said.

Clifford had a show fall term that Honeysucker frequently attended. They noticed a certain chemistry developing as they began joking around throughout fall and then decided to co-host a show during the winter.

Clifford and Honeysucker describe their on-air relationship as that of a comedy duo, with Clifford serving as the proverbial straight man and Honeysucker acting as the funny man.

“Theme for the most part does influence what we play, but what we say is really based on our own personalities, [Honeysucker] usually talks, and I try not to because I choke a lot, I usually stick to the playlists,” Clifford said.

Both hosts hope to inject a sense of humor and lightheartedness into the Knox radio stream.

“It’s nothing too serious, and we don’t really have to be because there is other stuff going on. People are fielding things and it’s cool to have a balance,” Honesucker said.

Clifford added that while talking on air may make her nervous, “I hope they laugh at me and my issues.”

“It’s a little light Friday fun,” she said.

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