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Senate tackles Honor Code Review

Student Senate

Student senators were charged with drawing notes for the upcoming discussion of potential changes to the Honor Code, which will be held over multiple meetings Spring term.

Student Senate President senior Michael Gasparro asked senators to familiarize themselves with the Honor Code and the role of the Honor Board as they prepare to discuss and eventually vote on the proposed changes put forth in the report of the Honor Code Review Committee.

The notes should contain their questions and concerns surrounding both the report as a whole, which dealt with the issues of legalistic language and faculty and student buy-in, and the individual recommended changes.

By asking senators to consider the report and draw notes ahead of the discussion, the eventual conversation will likely be more focused and conclusions can be reached in a timely manner. Discussions about the changes in both Student Senate and faculty meetings have been lengthy due to the importance of the Honor Code to academic integrity at the college.

Students who wish to observe and participate in the discussions are invited ro take part in the meetings, which, like all Student Senate meetings, are open to the entire campus.

Gasparro also announced that, as the term is coming to a close, President Teresa Amott will give a State of the College address during the Senate meeting on Thursday, Feb. 28.

Committee reports

Treasurer’s report — The Math Club received $149.95 for the rights to the film “Flatland”, to be shown at an upcoming event.

Technology — Senate voting software issues are in the process of being corrected, and a survey pertaining to student use of the cable television service is being drawn up and will be circulated soon.

Sustainability — The grow dome proposal discussed last year will be brought back to the floor with the intent of revamping it and determining if a course of action will be taken in moving forward with the project.

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