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News Briefs: Man pleads guilty to sex charges

Man pleads guilty to sex charges

GALESBURG — A Kentucky man pleaded guilty to two felonies after he drove to Galesburg last October to engage in illicit sexual activities with an underage girl that he met on the Internet. Nathan Gibbs, 34, faces two to five years and a fine of up to $25,000. The two had met during an online game, and the girl was aware of his age. He was arrested in Rotary Park on Oct. 26 of last year. Gibbs faces charges of grooming, which is defined under Illinois state law as using the Internet to coerce a child into any sort of sexual conduct as well as traveling to meet with a minor with sexual intent. His sentencing is on June 6. (Source: The Galesburg Register-Mail)

TSA loosens rules on carry-on luggage

NEW YORK — The Transportation Security Administration announced a relaxation on some previously prohibited goods. Items currently allowed on airplanes again include ski poles, lacrosse sticks and certain small knives. The move was greeted with strong opposition from flight attendants unions, saying the new rules would endanger attendants as well as passengers. The TSA counters that it is only allowing items that do not pose a major security risk. The new rules will take effect April 25. (Source: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Venezuelan president dies of cancer

CARACAS — Longtime president of Venezuela Hugo Chávez died of cancer on Tuesday, ending the life of perhaps the most controversial figure in modern Latin America. Since becoming president in 1998, Chávez was known for generous social programs that benefited the poor of Venezuela as well as strident anti-Americanism and ambitious foreign policy goals. Though loved by many Venezuelans, he also earned the deep animosity of many of his countrymen for what many saw as anti-democratic tendencies, as well as high crime rates and inflation during his time in power. He is succeeded in power by his chosen successor, former Vice President Nicolas Maduro. (Source: Foreign Policy)

One million refugees from war in Syria

DAMASCUS — The United Nations announced that the number of refugees from the Syrian Civil War has officially passed one million people, as many as 400,000 of whom fled since the beginning of 2013. “With a million people in flight, millions more displaced internally, and thousands of people continuing to cross the border every day, Syria is spiraling towards full-scale disaster,” António Guterres, a spokesman for the United Nations High Commission on Refugees said. The international community pledged $1.5 billion in aid this December, but the UNHCR says that only 20 percent has been received so far. (Source: The Washington Post)

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