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Liveblog: 24 Hours at the Broadview

As TKS editors and reporters spend the next 24 hours at the Broadview Restaurant, a popular diner at the center of Galesburg, you can read along here with updates on goings-on at the restaurant. Our live feature will begin at noon Saturday, and it will appear in print in the April 11 issue of The Knox Student.

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Liveblog: 24 Hours at the Broadview


10:56 am, Sunday, Apr 7

I had a fantastic two hours at the Broadview this morning chatting with some 40-year regulars. One of my favorites was Mike Allen, 70, a Vietnam War veteran who now works with AmVets. Back when he was serving in the war, he got paid 78 dollars a month–roughly 10 cents per hour. (Sorry about having to spell those amounts out; the liveblog doesn’t seem to like displaying anything with a dollar sign in front of it.) Nowadays, he spends his time at the Broadview, talking with soldiers who have returned from Afghanistan and Iraq about how they can get their veterans’ benefits. “You get paid for what you do in the kindness of the things you do,” Allen said.

10:25 am, Sunday, Apr 7
Paige Anderson

Although most customers have no complaints with the Broadview, last night, one Galesburg resident, Frank Theobald, had his share of complaints about everything from the atmosphere to the service. The difference between the current Broadview and its ’50s equivalent was “day and night.” Citing Galesburg’s long history of mysterious fires, he asked “What time are we going to burn it down? We need a new Broadview.”

9:53 am, Sunday, Apr 7
Paige Anderson

This morning, Anna Meier talked to 80-year-old Shirley Pritchard about the Broadview in the ’60s, when it was a bar called the Inn Place. She said if you didn’t show up for two days in a row, someone would check to see if you were dead.

7:38 am, Sunday, Apr 7

At 3 a.m., co-Mosaic editor Chelsea Embree arrived to a packed Broadview. By 5 a.m., she was the only person there.

11:25 pm, Saturday, Apr 6
Paige Anderson

Today I learned: The LARC club raises a glass in the Broadview Lounge after every game.

8:25 pm, Saturday, Apr 6
Chelsea Embree

Gabby the copyeditor has just told me that she almost passed out on her shift. So there’s a story.

7:44 pm, Saturday, Apr 6
Charlie Megenity

From Reporter Kiannah Sepeda-Miller:

The Broadview has filled up significantly. I’ve talked to a few regulars — regulars who have been coming here “forever,” as Al Larson put it. Marilyn and Glen Egil, also retired, have made dining at the Broadview a tradition for a decade.

4:01 pm, Saturday, Apr 6
Charlie Megenity

From Copy Editor Kyle Cruz:

Larry Luallen, 67, of Woodhull, Ill. drives 18 miles at least once a week to eat at the Broadview, following his father, who frequented the restaurant as well.

2:33 pm, Saturday, Apr 6
Paige Anderson

I didn’t have enough space in my article to include any quotes from Galesburg resident John Wees, but he was awesome. He’s been coming to the Broadview for 10 years. He gets breakfast with friends five days a week and according to him, at the Broadview, “everybody knows everybody in the mornings.”

2:12 pm, Saturday, Apr 6
Chelsea Embree

Casey the photog told me that Kyle the copyeditor has discovered that there is a Broadview ghost. And her name is Laverne. I am so looking forward to reading more about that.

1:33 pm, Saturday, Apr 6
Paige Anderson

Just finished the first shift. Was interviewing Broadview regulars the entire time, including a woman who had been going there for 35 years. Can’t wait to write up this article.

12:03 pm, Saturday, Apr 6
Charlie Megenity

24 Hours at the Broadview has begun! Co-Mosaic Editor Paige Anderson is taking the first shift.


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