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‘Happy’ radio on airwaves

MusicEvery Thursday night at 8 p.m., freshmen Nils Leitz, Ben Stanger and Charles Everson gather in the WVKC station for their radio show: “Happy Hour.”

The show started at the beginning of winter term, although Leitz, Stanger and Everson had thought about having a radio show together since they started at Knox in the fall.

“We just sat with some other friends who had radio shows during fall term in the station a couple of times,” Leitz said. “We liked what they were doing. We started thinking about all the different things we could do if we had our own radio show. We got to talking about it and decided this was something we really wanted. We were sort of just inspired.”

Stanger, Leitz and Everson also cited a need to get involved as freshmen on campus. They found WVKC to be a good way to be involved in the community.

When they started the show, the theme, “Happy Hour,” was mainly talk and mellow folk music.

“We’ve grown more comfortable in the station. Now, I would consider the theme more as talk and party,” Stanger said. “We actually spend a lot of time talking about ‘Game of Thrones’ and other sorts of pop culture.”

Despite having a central theme, Leitz, Stanger and Everson choose a different topic to talk about each week. They use topics they have discussed in class to get ideas for the show.

Each week, they sit down and brainstorm about what they have learned in class and what should be on the show that week. The topics of discussion, therefore, range from economic theories to various types of pottery.

“We discuss lofty questions of space explorations, humanity, science,” Everson said. “And that was only one show.”

To add to the texture of the show, Leitz, Stanger and Everson invite several different guests on their show to talk with them and be interviewed.

“We call them ‘guestsperts,’” Everson said. “A combination of guests and experts.”

Thus far, they have invited guests onto the show to discuss vexillology, the study of flags; and primatology, the study of monkeys.

“Happy Hour” has also seen quite a lot of singing.

“We have sing-a-longs, we have karaoke. We don’t even interrupt the song. We just come on the air and sing too,” Leitz said.

Stanger, Leitz and Everson appear to be comfortable with one another and handle their hour on the air with humor and ease. They have also received positive feedback and a few callers.

“My grandmother once called in and told me I reminded her of [1970s television and radio personality] Lawrence Welk,” Leitz said.

Stanger, Everson and Leitz are happy with the success and progression of “Happy Hour.”

“I feel like our radio show is the best thing that’s ever happened to this campus,” Leitz said.

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