Senate loses quorum, delays Honor Code vote

The absence of a quorum kept Student Senate from voting on proposed amendments to the Honor Code twice over the past week, pushing the final vote to the May 9 meeting.

The six initial amendments are the first of multiple rounds of amendments and are believed to be the least controversial. They range from having all evidence available 24 hours before a hearing to changing language in the Code from “guilty/not guilty” to “responsible/not responsible.”

Senate was able to vote on two amendments last Thursday before several members had to leave the meeting for the Greek Week talent show and other obligations. The first amendment, allowing professors as well as students to have advisers in hearings, passed unanimously. The second, prohibiting friends and family members from waiting in or near the building where a hearing is taking place, passed with two nays.

After Senate lost quorum, members agreed to meet at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, May 6, a half hour before debates between candidates for executive board positions, at which attendance for Senate members was mandatory. Once again, a quorum was not present.

Senate also voted on an amendment to its bylaws that would have made the incoming Senate president the college marshal at commencement exercises. Currently, the marshal is a member of the junior class selected by the Academic Affairs Committee. Fourteen yay votes were not enough to constitute the two-thirds majority necessary for a change to the bylaws.

Officer reports

Vice President- Due to Flunk Day, Student Senate election debates were moved to Monday, May 2.

Secretary – Secretary sophomore Nafeeul Araf announced that the May 23 Senate meeting would feature lemonade, pizza from Baked and possibly free popcorn. Araf encouraged senators to invite their friends to this meeting in order to expand awareness of what Senate does.

Committee reports

Sustainability – Sustainability Chair junior Nora McGinn reported that several people had applied for funding from the Student Sustainability Fee, but that their proposals still needed work. She also encouraged Senators to contact city manager Todd Thompson about the proposed high tunnel growing infrastructure. McGinn hopes to see the high tunnel on the agenda for the May 20 city council meeting.

Finance – Requests included $57.90 for water slides for International Club’s Holi event, $495 for Pagan Student Alliance’s workshop on labyrinth meditation, $665 for the archery certification of five members of Archery Club, $470 for Gaming Information Network’s gaming convention and $2,500 requested by the Cultural Events Committee to help bring Dr. Reiland Rabaka, a hip-hop scholar, to campus. All requests were approved.

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