$11 million Alumni Hall fundraising goal reached

(TKS Archives)

(TKS Archives)

Knox has reached its $11 million fundraising goal for the renovation of Alumni Hall, according to an email sent Monday morning to some members of the Knox community.

Of that $11 million, $9.5 million will be cash in hand by the end of June, at which point the Board of Trustees will meet to set a timetable for the renovation.

The announcement comes a week after Amott announced at the May faculty meeting that the college was only $200,000 away from the $11 million mark.

“Little did I know that in less than a week that goal would be met,” Amott said in her email.


Between $300,000 and $400,000 still needs to be raised to purchase technology and furnishings for the building’s interior.

The new fundraising plan for Alumni Hall was officially announced in October 2011. One year later, the college had reached the $8 million mark. Exterior renovation work, including new outdoor staircases and a freshly paved driveway, was completed during the spring of 2012.

The newly renovated Alumni Hall will house many of the college’s offices and centers, including the Offices of Admission and Alumni Relations and the Centers for Research and Advanced Study, Career and Pre-Professional Development and Global Studies. The Lincoln Studies Center and the new Whitcomb Heritage Center, showcasing exhibits on Galesburg and Knox history, will also move into the building.

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