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Kerfoot settles into new home at Knox

Since she has taken over the position of Assistant Director of Campus Life for Housing Operations, Koreen Kerfoot has been busy.

Assistant Director of Campus Life for Housing Operations Koreen Kerfoot works in her office organizing student housing for next year. (Jason Deschamps/TKS)

Assistant Director of Campus Life for Housing Operations Koreen Kerfoot works in her office organizing student housing for next year. (Jason Deschamps/TKS)

Kerfoot joined Knox’s community late in October 2012. Her position was created in the midst of both an “office restructuring” and Jillian Staley’s departure from campus. Kerfoot came to Knox after working at Frostburg State University in Maryland.

Kerfoot describes her job on campus as being “behind the scenes stuff that happens with campus life.”

“[It’s] the room assignments, the move in move out procedures, storage, break stays, summer housing, early arrivals and departures, and I’m working with facilities to communicate information, so it’s the operational stuff in terms of working and seeing what’s going on. And room changes are involved,” she said.

A major part of her job at the moment is dealing with next year’s housing. Throughout the process many students have expressed concern and confusion regarding Knox’s housing lottery system.

“I just want to make the housing process for students simpler and more clear so that it’s easier to understand, because I realize lottery’s a complex system,” Kerfoot said. “Let’s just work through it and make some small changes and see where are we going to move forward from there and let’s see how we can make it easier to understand and easier for students as a result.”

A major change regarding next year’s housing is President Teresa Amott’s growth initiative.

“We needed to make sure we had beds for that entire class size,” Kerfoot said.

As a result of the initiative and growing freshman class size, there will be some changes in housing next year, including grouping freshmen in suites 7 through 10 in Post Hall, and putting upperclassmen in suites 1 through 6 of Post Hall. This is the opposite of the procedure used this year.

“It was either break them up into smaller sections, or to work with what truly is a first year experience and to try to bring [freshmen] closer together,” Kerfoot said. “And so with that, what worked was…switching upper and lower Post and Conger-Neal and it gave a balance of numbers and it gave upperclass students more preferable housing.”

Kerfoot also explained that the decision to allow more upperclassmen to live in lower Post would offer more preferable housing to upperclassmen and offer more single rooms.

“We were looking at based on the growth initiative, what was the incoming class, what did we need to make housing for, and what do we do to make it work and make sure there’s enough spaces for an incoming class,” she said.

Despite the challenges of incorporating the influx in class size, Kerfoot expressed confidence that the growth initiative is for the best.

“I realize yes, it’s going to create a small change,” Kerfoot said. “But it’s one that Knox can handle, and it’s not going to change what is Knox.”

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