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Poetry, acoustics, ‘And’ Margaret Atwood

MusicEvery Tuesday night at 6 p.m., freshman Kelly Clare goes to the WKVC station for an hour to host her radio show, “And.”

Clare desperately wanted a radio show but was not part of the email list, and by the time she realized the deadline was soon approaching, one of the coordinators said she had only 15 minutes to come up with a name.

“The Margaret Atwood thing is actually a mistake, because I used a quote that she said in an interview to describe my show,” Clare said. “The quote was in response to an interview asking her what her favorite word was, and she says ‘and,’ because it is so hopeful.”

Clare went on to say how much she loves the idea of ‘and’ in the world — according to Clare, ‘and’ is the idea of little factoids and things that are also important.

Despite having a show name that points to a central theme, Clare brings many new topics and music to her show weekly. She tries to find as many interesting and strange little facts as possible to share throughout the show.

“Did you know it has been a hundred years since we’ve had a president with a mustache, and that honey doesn’t go bad for 3000 years?” she asked.

It’s these little facts that keep listeners interested. Clare’s show also includes poetry and acoustic sets, with the intention that these works promote conversation.

When asked what she thought her audience was like, she laughed.

“I have no clue if anyone is listening. One time I just played songs for the rain, because it was probably just the rain listening,” Clare said.


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