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Laundry, bourbon to spill into Studio Theater

TheaterThough the stage went dark for a weekend, Studio Theater is up and running again starting Thursday, Oct. 31 at 7:30 p.m. with “Laundry and Bourbon,” the first fully-staged production of the year.

The play, written by James McLure, centers around the lives of three women living in Maynard, Texas during the 1970s — a town of only 900 people even today — dealing with struggles in their lives.

“Though it is set in the 70s, considering the conservative nature of the area, Maynard, Texas would kind of be stuck in the 50s [during the time the play takes place,” said director and junior Emily Antoff.

The female protagonists live in a world in which women get engaged and ties the knot directly after high school.

“It’s just very different than our modern idea of marriage,” she said.”[The play is about] them trying to grow and deal with their problems.”

With a full stage management team, lighting, set, prop and costume designers, Studio Theater is in for a makeover after the previous weeks’ bare stage productions.

“The dresses for the play are fantastic. The fabric is so 70s that you just can’t help but love it,” said Antoff.

Slated as a community event, Friday night will be a special performance.

Antoff explained how they sent out invitations to members of the community to attend the event.

“We want to appeal to get the community more integrated with the college. And with a play like this, which isn’t in your face but also isn’t too conservative, it [makes for] a perfect medium to connect those two groups,” she said.

Recently, the cast even performed a scene in Baked, organized by seniors Jackie Hewelt and Ivan Keta to increase community involvement.

“It’s just really great trying to get into the community. I hadn’t even considered that when I went into the play, but it fell into place that this play is perfect for that,” Antoff said.

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