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Eight ways to deal with extra dining dollars

With the end of the term approaching, there are many things to worry about: transportation home, finals and, of course, having too many meal swipes or dining dollars.

It’s a problem that plagues many students and adds unnecessary stress to an already stressful end of term. Luckily, there are ways around wasting dining dollars or swipes or, even worse, triple swiping at the Grab ‘n Go and managing to anger at least 20 people at once.

  1. Practice random acts of kindness. When you’re going into the cafeteria, swipe in the person behind you without his knowledge. He’ll either be happy you saved him from a lack of swipes or he’ll be angry about now having even more swipes left, but it’s a kind thing to do regardless.
  2. Take up speed dating. Bring a bunch of random people to the Gizmo or to the cafeteria and buy them lunch.
  3. Start a study group. Find some friends in a class you’re taking and offer to buy everyone breakfast if they’ll all study with you.
  4. Store for the winter. Buy non-perishable foods that you can store for those late and blustery nights during Winter Term.
  5. Buy as much Listerine as you can at the C-Store and see if they’ll cut you off because of the allegedly high alcohol content.
  6. Buy multi-use items like baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. Both items have at least 30 uses each, from cleaning to hair coloring.
  7. Contribute to a food drive. Buy non-perishable foods at the C-Store and donate them.
  8. Go to the Gizmo and buy rounds of breakfast bagels for every single person in the room. You’ll be everyone’s favorite. Until the next person comes in and tries to do the same thing.

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