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Three ways to get the most out of I-Fair

International Fair 2013- food

International Fair is a big deal for those involved. Since so much effort goes into this annual event, here are are some tips for students not involved in I-Fair to make the week just as meaningful.

1. Ask lots of questions.

You see someone in cultural dress unfamiliar to you. Ask them what country it’s from. What occasion is it for? Where did they get it? What is it made out of? Ask students at food booths how to make recipes you find delicious. Who can teach you that cultural dance you couldn’t get enough of? A question is the gateway to making what you’re exposed to this week last longer than seven days.

2. Eat the foods that scare you.

Food is often a winner among college students at any event. But at I-Fair, it can be easy to fill a plate with things you know are “safe” to eat. Remember that someone loves each food there enough to want to share it. The dish with a lot of onions or the part of the plant/animal you aren’t used to tasting may become a new favorite if you take the not-so-risky step of trying it.

3. Show pride for your own heritage.

When it gets down to it, this week is about a celebration of lots of different cultures. Talk about your roots with others. See similarities and differences in what this week offers. Consider how you could be involved next year.

For a full schedule of events, click here.

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