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Bargain hunting the ‘Burg

Sophomore Jorel Holmes poses in the clothes he picked out at the Salvation Army on Sunday, Jan. 11. (Jason Deschamps/TKS)

Sophomore Jorel Holmes poses in the clothes he picked out at the Salvation Army on Sunday, Jan. 11. (Jason Deschamps/TKS)

Shopping at thrift stores is becoming more and more popular amongst young fashion enthusiasts. “I’m gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket…” Macklemore and Ryan Lewis sing in their 2013 hit  “Thrift Shop.”  In the chorus Macklemore says that he can make a decent purchase at a thrift store with only $20. Is this really possible? On Saturday, Jan. 11, sophomores Valencia Short, Jorel Holmes and I visited Galesburg’s Salvation Army to take on this challenge. Each person was to find a winter appropriate outfit from head to toe for $20 or under.

Short’s finished outfit, totaling $19.97, was a long slim skirt with a slit on the side. She complemented this skirt with an oversized sweater and some brown wedge heel boots. Short mentioned that the organization of the store made it easier to find the things she had in mind. She also felt that picking out the top was easiest because sweaters are easy to make outfits with. She found it difficult to find an appropriate bottom to correspond with and compliment the sweater she chose.

“With a big top, you want to wear a skinny bottom to insinuate the size of the sweater. The ideal bottoms were leggings but they didn’t have any,  so I went with tights. However, the tights were sheer, so I had to compromise the idea of wanting to wear pants and instead substituted it for a fitted skirt. In the end the skirt was a good choice because it made the outfit less casual, spiced it up and made it chic,” Short said. “I like to go thrifting because there are endless possibilities of vintage clothing to find for low prices.”

Short did not purchase those items ,but was attracted to a nice windbreaker that she purchased instead.

Holmes pieced together a warm business casual look for just $18.60. His outfit consisted of khaki pants, a tan pullover sweater, a maroon beanie, and a backpack fit for any scholar. Since he already frequents the Salvation Army, it was easy for him to shop because he was familiar with the store setup, merchandise and fair prices. On the other hand, he felt overwhelmed by all the great options and the enormous selection of clothing to choose from. Luckily, he did not have to make any compromises when deciding on his final outfit.

“Thrifting offers a unique and diverse shopping experience that other mainstream retailers do not,” Holmes said.

“There are many great thrift shops here in Galesburg and each one is different and overflowing with treasures for people to find. Thrift shops not only provide merchandise, but give shoppers an insight into the history of the town. If ever given the chance, do not hesitate to stop by one and check it out. Remember, as Macklemore says, “One man’s trash, that’s another man’s come up.”

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