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Valentine’s Day not just for couples

As it turns out, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. According to local bartenders in Galesburg, more and more singles and groups of people are frequenting bars and restaurants on Valentine’s Day. And they’re not complaining — it’s helping business.

Olyve’s, a martini bar on Cherry Street, is expecting a group of 18 people tonight, none of whom have significant others.

“It’s funny, because we thought Valentines Day is always a couples night,” owner Shirley Apodaca said.

According to Apodaca, business always goes up significantly on Valentine’s Day evening, and all kinds of people come to the bar.

“A lot of single people come out and try to find someone,” she said.

Olyve’s, Apodaca said, is especially busy on Valentine’s Day and attracts patrons from all around Illinois. She credits this to the various martinis on the menu.

“A lot of people love martinis on Valentine’s night for some reason. I don’t know why. They just love those different martinis,” she said. Tonight, Olyves will be serving a chocolate covered cherry martini, advertised to singles and couples alike.

According to Stan Devlin, co-owner of Cherry Street Restaurant & Bar, single people will be frequenting the bar this evening, but no more so than usual.

“[Single people] are out every weekend. … The bar’s usually busy Friday and Saturday night, so I don’t think business goes up on the bar on Valentine’s Day,” he said.

The only threat to business, Devlin said, is not a person’s relationship status, but the status of the weather. The inches of snow expected throughout the day and snow emergency declared by the City of Galesburg may hinder business.

“Normally [business] is good, but I don’t know about tonight with outside. Weather really affects our business,” he said.

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