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Predicting Flunk Day the foolproof way

Since Flunk Day is tomorrow and simultaneously does not exist, Knox students (naturally) think they have it figured out. Nobody really knows, except for the small handful of planners, but here are some telling predictors.

1. Weather

Yes, Flunk Day 2012 was rainy (and saddening) but we have it on good authority that this was not the original day. One thing to bear in mind is that there is more than one Flunk Day planned, so if one of the factors doesn’t come through, then it gets moved to the next available day. There are all kinds of rumors about why Rainy Flunk happened in 2012, but rest assured that showers in the forecast decrease the probability of it occurring that day.

2. Events Calendar

Pay attention but don’t be fooled. True, it is easy to assume that when one day or week looks suspiciously barren that that Flunk will arrive. However, consider the nature of the event. Can it be rescheduled? Was it planned by the college or by a student group who has no idea when Flunk Day really is? Is that sporting event really happening? Last year the study abroad orientation was scheduled for Flunk Day and had to be rescheduled. Also, sometimes fake events get put on there specifically to throw students off the prediction trail. So the events calendar is a helpful predictor but should be scrutinized with extreme caution.

3. The Level of Hype

How many scares have happened already? How many sad mornings have gone by where you were certain it was Flunk Day only to wake up to no email and tired eyes? We need hype to make Flunk Day as grand as possible so if Flunk Fever hasn’t spread enough then it might not come for another week.

4. Campus Staff

Dining Services workers, custodial staff, maintenance, etc. all hear about Flunk Day a few days before it happens so they can plan a day off work. They aren’t supposed to tell you but it’s worth asking what they know. Also, some of these workers still have to work on Flunk Day, so don’t forget to thank them when the blessed day comes.

Did I forget something? Comment below with anything else that helps you predict Flunk Day and we’ll consider adding it to the list!

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