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6 ways to keep your whole week from being ‘flunked’

There is too much to do today, and after Wild Wild Flunk, I doubt you’re feeling your best. Here are some suggestions to structure your day and conquer the rest of the week.

1. Drink water, and eat kiwis, eggs and pickles but not all together. The first thing you need to do is start feeling better. Pay attention to what you put into your body today so you can maintain energy and recover from however you celebrated yesterday.

2. Clean up. Don’t worry about deep cleaning your room, but take a minute or two to tidy things so you can at least find what you need for real (not Flunk) life. Do you have clean clothes? Have you finally showered? Where is your computer? Did you make it home with your keys, ID and phone?

3. Read your email. Everything from yesterday has been rescheduled. I woke up this morning to 25 new emails. Some were rescheduled meetings and reminders about club and work commitments we all forgot about yesterday. Others were class cancellations with important information about professor contingency plans. Don’t go today without checking that thing — you may be sorry.

4. Make a (reasonable) to-do list for today and tomorrow. Take a few minutes to write down everything you’ll need to accomplish over the next couple days for classes and your other commitments. Even if you’re not usually a list writer, it helps to keep track of all there is to do because today there is probably double the work.

5. Be realistic about what you can accomplish today and the rest of this week. Do the most important things first. If you are in a position of power in a club or organization, consider the team and brainstorm ways to keep things afloat without overdoing it for everyone.

6. Keep the Flunk alive. Even though post-Flunk depression is probably setting in, remember yesterday’s joy and find ways to incorporate that into the rest of the term. Look at pictures. Remember that your friends still hugged you even if you were soaked, covered in paint, muddy and/or dressed in shambles. Sing loudly once in a while. Dance like a fool. Smile.

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Camille Brown
Camille Brown is a junior majoring in English literature and double minoring in educational policy and journalism. Previously, she served as editor-in-chief of her high school paper and a reporter for TKS. She spent the summer of 2012 freelancing for The Peninsula Gateway and is currently pursuing an independent study concerning the media’s influence on education.

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