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Hiba Ahmed elected next Student Senate President

HibaJunior Hiba Ahmed has been elected as the next president of the Knox College Student Senate. She will be the first woman to hold the office since the 2010-2011 academic year.

Ahmed came out on top in a three-candidate race over fellow juniors Payton Rose and Olaloye Oledotun. This was a crowded race compared to last year’s, when current President senior Philip Bennett ran unopposed.

Student Senate would not release vote percentages, but 416 students – or about 29 percent of the student body – participated in the elections for the Student Senate executive positions.

The complete election results:

President:  Hiba Ahmed

Vice President:  Robert Turski

Secretary:  Lissa Mann

Treasurer:  Rahil Savani

Campus Life:  Tevin (Po) Liao

Dining Services:  Max Wallace

Diversity:  ChanTareya (TT) Paredes

Health & Wellness:  Katie Mansfield

Sustainability:  Inez Pena

Technology:  Josh Voravong

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