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Student Senate considers name change

Student SenateIn hope to do away with possible notions of pompousness while making themselves more accessible to all students, Student Senate is considering a name change.

The new name has not yet been decided, but members have looked to other college senates in the Associated Colleges of the Midwest for inspiration.“Student Government Association” and “The  Associated Students of Knox College” are just a couple of possibilities.

“It is just a name, but it could be part of our brand” said senior and Senate President Philip Bennett.

The idea for the change sparked when Senate began a review of their Constitution. This document had not been assessed in four years, and members now see a need to amend guidelines and technical language to fit Knox’s current culture.

For members like Bennett, the revised title is only the beginning.

“It’s the first thing in our Constitution, so it’s the first thing we talk about, but there are a lot more internal, technical stuff in the Constitution that’s taking more priority right now.”

Bennett hopes the group is able to make amendments that help Student Senate and the student body work together more closely.

“We want to work with students as opposed to being like a higher power … I want people from the outside looking in to feel like they can approach us.”

However, negative aspects of the name change have been addressed as well. Not all members of Student Senate are on board for the change, and some believe that changing the name would compromise the group’s significance and prestige.

Freshman Representative Po Liao sees possibilities with the name change, but believes it’s more hassle than it’s worth.

“Perhaps it would make a difference … but it doesn’t really compared to other changes we’re making,” he said.

Sophomore Coltan Parker believes the name change is unnecessary, but also believes that a better understanding of Senate’s agenda would help students in reaching out with ideas.

“They think they’re representing a lot of student views, but in reality they serve their own interests and those of who they immediately know. If the student population knew what Senate did, then they’d understand the capacity of Senate and think of them when they want to get something done.”

Student Senate has already added a Diversity Committee and a Health and Wellness Committee. Elections dictate the new executive board, and with it, future amendments to Senate’s name and Constitution.

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Celina Dietzel
Celina Dietzel is a sophomore, planning on majoring in creative writing with a minor in business. This is her first term writing for TKS. In addition, she serves as an organizational editor for Catch Magazine.

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May 19, 2014

Hi Butch, thanks for the comment. You should reach out to the incoming Senate President, Hiba Ahmed (, she may be interested in becoming a ASGA member for the next academic year. Our constitution has not been updated in about four years now and many of the issues we have run into have been a result of not having a clear and defined constitution. Some of our roles and responsibilities are not clearly outlined anywhere and this has resulted in inconsistency, lack of accountability, and miscommunication. Our goal is to pass the torch to the incoming executive board with clearly-defined roles and a head start into the next year.

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