Campus / News / May 17, 2014

Galesburg man banned from campus

A Galesburg resident has been banned from campus after having been arrested for State Disorderly Conduct. The man, Kyle Hernandez was arrested on May 15, 2014 and has been issued a banned on campus warning due to his association with some Knox members, Director of Campus Safety John Schlaf announced in an email.

Galesburg Police Department initially contacted Hernandez when he expressed suicidal and homicidal thoughts. He initially was not arrested because the officer involved “did not feel that Hernandez was a danger to himself at that time.” He was ultimately arrested after contacting a Knox student on social media and was transported to Knox County Jail, according to police reports.

Campus Safety and GPD will be patrolling Knox and nearby areas, and community members are encouraged to contact Campus Safety if they see the man on campus.



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Kate Mishkin
Kate Mishkin is a junior majoring in English literature and minoring in journalism. This is her first year as managing editor, after having served as co-news editor and co-mosaic editor. Kate is the recipient of two awards from the Illinois College Press Association for news and feature stories and one award from the Associated Collegiate Press. In 2014 she won the Theodore Hazen Kimble Prize and Ida M. Tarbell Prize in Investigate Journalism. During the summer of 2014, she will be interning at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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  • Christine Moore

    Wow… are you kidding me! I’m beyond appalled at the discipline that is being giving! Rather than offering counseling, you ban a student for saying he’s depressed? I’d would love to know where and what policy/ let alone school tells a student they’re banned for expressing personal feelings, when no threats of any nature where made to harm himself or others! I most say I will be posted this so that everyone can know what kind of school you are running! This is simply shameful and a disgrace towards human emotions! What’s next you going to tell people what they can and can’t think about! Smh

    • Brya

      He wasn’t a student. He’s a Galesburg resident who threatened to KILL a Knox student.

  • Elvira Ortiz

    Thanks Christine Moore – I agree with you. I think if they expressed some thoughts – they are trying to avoid doing something BAD. So why would you toss his feelings to the wind especially when he is trying to seek that additional education that he wants. I think the first AND MOST IMPORTANT action that NEEDED to be taken was the COUNSELING. If he stated that he was having “thoughts of depression, self-harm and harm to others”. Let’s NOT continue the stereo typing for those that are seeking help!

    • Mr. Copland

      Right, but if someone makes a threat, you have to take that threat seriously, especially given violent actions that have occurred on other campuses nationwide. Certainly people deserve to be treated with dignity and get the help they need, but at the same time other people need to be protected and guaranteed safety. Going to a mental health professional and asking for help or approaching the administration with personal issues is one thing; threatening to harm yourself and others is quite another and must be dealt with appropriately in order to ensure the well-being of those on campus.

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