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Responding to student walkout: Should serve as a wake-up call for administration

Knox College is a beautiful place to flourish in your late teens and early twenties and there are times when I am so proud to call this place my second home. But, it is no secret that there are issues on this campus that the administration needs to pay attention to and I suggest they do so before someone is fatally hurt.

It is my belief that the administration of the college is extremely closed-minded and sincerely pompous. As I saw at the student-led walkout staged on Wednesday, May 14, many students are pretty pissed off, but not at each other. They are upset at the people to whom they are paying a slightly unwarranted annual tuition of nearly fifty thousand dollars —  people who are ignoring their pleas.

I am 100 percent an advocate for financial success, but I do not feel that my tuition dollars are falling into the right hands if the administration allows our words to fall on deaf ears. Especially considering many of the complaints voiced during the walkout revolved around either health services or the spike in tuition for the 2014-2015 school year.

With this increase in the school budget, the school’s economic diversity is certainly going to change. It is no secret that many families of students attending the college are already struggling to pay for this year. I know at least a dozen people who may not return next year because of the expensiveness of the college. I understand that it is quite expensive to run an educational institution, but if I was given a better report as to what my money was going toward, perhaps I would be more positive.

The way that this school handles sexual assault is disgusting and it has driven multiple friends to consider not returning next year. I apologize for my crudeness, but Knox College needs to get its head out of the ground and WAKE UP.

Sexual assault and rape happen on this campus more than anyone would really like to admit, but covering it up and basically forcing victims into silence is grotesque to one of the highest levels imagined.

I’m sorry if Teresa Amott has no sympathy for these students pleading for help, but something must be done before I lose one of my friends for good. It is extremely unfortunate that this school would rather slide sexual assault and rape under the rug and pretend that they never happen just for the sake of reputation. I am not sorry for writing what everyone else is thinking.

The walkout definitely made me proud to be a Knox student. It made me proud to see a number of my friends stand up and discuss their issues with various campus programs.

In reality, the administration should just clean up its act and reach out to those victims of assault on campus. Additionally, they should reevaluate their investment in health services and stop concerning themselves with their reputation, considering that if they don’t, the students will trash the college’s reputation for them.

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