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News Briefs: Five arrests after Galesburg bar fight

Five arrests after bar fight

GALESBURG —  At approximately 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning, police arrived at the Rail City Saloon after reports of bar fights breaking out. The police report states that upon arrival 10 to 15 persons surrounded the police, as reinforcements “pulled several subjects off the pile.” An officer hit on the head with a beer bottle had to be taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center for medical attention and an unconscious woman was taken to Cottage Hospital. The five arrested were taken in for varying charges such as obstructing an officer, fighting/threatening an officer and aggravated battery. (Source: The Register-Mail)

Father calls for stricter gun control

GOLETA, CA — Christopher Michaels-Martinez, 20, was one of six killed at the Isla Vista, Calif. shooting last Friday night. In the days following, his father Richard Martinez has spoken with the media about his determination not to let this tragedy fade, and said he “[does] not care about your sympathy.” Instead, Martinez called for stricter gun control from Washington. A criminal-defense lawyer, he has been the face of the victims’ parents at the memorial and with the media. He pointed his accusations for the murders toward politicians and the NRA and plans to continue action to keep the debate about gun control alive. (Source: Washington Post)

Obama addresses foreign policy at West Point

WEST POINT, NY — President Obama assured graduating cadets of the U.S.’s leadership abroad in his West Point commencement address, and stressed leadership without military intervention. The day prior, Obama had announced that all troops will be recalled from Afghanistan at the end of 2016. In his address, he announced a new counterterrorism partnership in the Middle East and Africa, costing up to $5 billion, which is being put in place to enact operations against extremists. Obama reaffirmed his view that the events in Ukraine and Syria need to be handled without rash action. (Source: New York Times)

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