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Voting opens for Student Senate

Voting for Student Senate representatives for 2014-2015 has now officially opened. Students can cast their votes online by filling out this form.

Polls will remain open until 6 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 29. Students are only allowed to vote for representatives in their class year. Each student may vote for six representatives.

The following are all of the candidates:


  • Swapnil Mishra
  • Sofia Tagkaloglou
  • Paige McDaniel
  • Iman Ghosh
  • Temitope Ajetunmobi
  • Marguerite (Maggie) Brick
  • Kelsie Pos
  • Joseph (Joey) Sinclair
  • Sam Klingher
  • Caleb Gumanow
  • Elizabeth (Libby) Richmond


  • Elizabeth Malone
  • Shannon Caveny
  • Nashra (Nash) Mahmood
  • Jaime Melero
  • Rohail Khan
  • Zooey Brewer


  • Elizabeth (Tweedy) Tweedy
  • Kati Stemple
  • Shannon Kline
  • Madison (Maddie) Dana
  • Jonathan Grant
  • Charlie Harned


  • Matt Timmerberg
  • Leslie Raine Carman
  • Nick Tolman
  • Eve Martinez
  • Alexia Vasilopoulos
  • Jason Deschamps
  • Olaloye Oyedotun
  • Colleen Flint



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