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As Jets stay grounded, Ryan’s job in peril

Embattled New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is fighting for his job amidst quarterback incompetency, a general dearth of talent and high expectations in the NFL's largest market. (Courtesy of

Embattled New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is fighting for his job amidst quarterback incompetency, a general dearth of talent and high expectations in the NFL’s largest market. (Courtesy of

The New York Jets have made glaring headlines in the media, and it’s not for being a strong horse team in the NFL. Simply put, the Jets suck right now. There is no nicer way to word it. Head coach Rex Ryan has his job hanging by a thread after suffering a fourth consecutive loss as the Chargers defeated the Jets handily 31-0. Scoring zero points in a professional football game is absolutely unacceptable, even if you are the worst team in the league.

Reasons why the Jets are stinking it up this season: they have no big name players. Last time I checked, the only well-known athlete on the team is Michael Vick, and he is currently sitting on the bench (hopefully not for long). The New York Jets is comprised of a lot of young, fresh, unproductive talent and old, washed up football players such as Chris Johnson who, ever since his charges for substance abuse, has not been the same athlete.

Quarterback Geno Smith has got to be humbled at some point. I do not think he is playing well because the position was simply handed to him. The coaching staff had made it clear in the preseason that Geno was their man. A second year quarterback that had a pedestrian rookie season at best should not be given 100 percent job security. His numbers are steadily going down in each game he plays. In week one, he went 23-28 for 221 yards, one touchdown and one interception. In this past week he went 4-12 for an outstanding 27 yards and one interception. I’m literally shaking my head at the fact that Rex Ryan is still instilling so much faith in this man.

Rex Ryan’s New York Jets have gotten worse year by year. Under Rex Ryan, the Jets have made the playoffs twice in six seasons, in 2009 and 2010. Things are not getting any better in the Big Apple. They are currently 1-4, with their next three games against the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots and the dark horse Buffalo Bills. They won’t be winning any of those games if Geno Smith is under center. If he continues to start, expect the Jets to be 1-7 by week eight.

You can’t put all the blame on Rex Ryan, but you can allocate quite a bit to him. General manager Woody Johnson is also to blame in this chaotic fiasco known as the New York Jets. The fact remains that they have either traded or waived all of their talent in the past years. Clearing up cap space is one thing, but not at the expense of losing every viable asset you have. Big names that are currently playing for another team right now include, but are not limited to, Santonio Holmes, Dustin Keller, Shonn Greene, Darrelle Revis, Stephen Hill and even Mark Sanchez. Yes, I know his playing had been slipping in recent years, but the fact remains that he led them to their only two conference championships in the past six years. Also, the New York Jets were outbidded by crosstown rival New York Giants for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Only one problem here: the Jets had more money and more cap space!

In conclusion, I don’t believe that there is anything that can be done for a turnaround in this organization under Rex Ryan. A good start would be to start Michael Vick and bench Geno Smith until he learns what it means to be a quarterback again. I do not foresee Rex Ryan coaching the Jets next year, and they will more than likely be slated with one of the top three picks in the upcoming NFL draft. They will finish as one of the three worst teams in the league this year.

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