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WVKC features new DJ lineup

Midway through Fall Term, the WVKC radio station is in full swing. The Knox student-run station, located on the third floor of George Davis Hall, has received recognition in past years for its quality and experiential learning tools. Students can tune in to 90.7 or listen online through their website at, making the station accessible worldwide.

WVKC received a solid turnout this fall from students applying for DJ positions, filling a majority of the station’s schedule.

“We always end up with open spots during the day with classes, but we were able to fill the schedule pretty well,” said junior Agnes Dussault, the WVKC co-general manager. The schedule, found at the station’s website, ranges from folk to rap, allowing for a large range of listeners.

The WVKC station also brings musical events and acts to campus. Last year, the station brought in artists such as Rich Jones, Impolite $ociety, Norman and GRYFN to campus.

“This year, WVKC will have many exciting events and musicians playing on campus,” Dussault said. “We will continue to have our music library open regularly and we hope to have more events in the vein of DJ mixers, CD swaps and more.”

The goal is to draw more acts to campus and increase advertisement for these events. The WVKC general managers want to help expand the station’s presence on campus this fall by advertising upcoming events across campus, as well as online through multiple social media outlets.

“Our job is to keep everything running as smoothly as possible and strive to get more people involved and excited about radio and WVKC’s events and shows,” Dussault said.

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