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Student Senate meeting highlights

Student Senate held its weekly meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 4 in SMC E-117. Each week’s meeting includes reports from the different committees that make up Senate, a Secretary’s Report, a Vice President’s report and a President’s report. Along with these reports, senators discuss information gathered at the faculty committee meetings they attend and talk about business within the Senate and wider campus community. Here are a few of the highlights from this week’s meeting.

Senate Exec and chairpeople stipends:

Senators voted to approve the stipends allotted for Senate’s Executive Committee and chairpeople for the term. Senate’s budget for this year allotted $2000 to be used to pay Senate Exec and chairpeople for their work. Senate President Hiba Ahmed explained that each member of Exec and each chairperson — a total of 10 people — would receive $200 each for their work this term. After discussion among the senators, Senate voted to approve these stipends.

Conduct Council:

In the President’s report, Ahmed told senators that they will be discussing the Conduct Council in future meetings. According to Ahmed, the Conduct Council operated in a similar fashion to the Honor Board, but would hear cases of illegal activity students were accused of participating in, such as illegal drug use, underage drinking or computer hacking. The last Conduct Council hearing was held in May 2005 and Senate last appointed members to sit on the council in the 2005-2006 academic year, Ahmed said. In future meetings, Senate will be holding discussions to see if it might be necessary to restore the Conduct Council.

Class projects:

For the last two weeks, senators have been breaking into groups based on their graduating class to discuss projects they can work on to benefit the campus. Each class will eventually be pursuing a project. This week, classes met to prioritize their top three ideas, which they will present at a future meeting.



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