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Seven self-care tips for the rest of the term

We’ve reached the last few weeks of the term which means that students are getting stressed, work is piling up and finals are approaching. With all of this going on it is easy to forget to take care of yourself.

Here are seven tips to make sure that you are making time for yourself despite all of the work that is coming in the next two weeks.

  1. Call home. Take time to talk to your parents or best friends from home. Catch up with them and tell them about what is going on with you and make plans for the break.
  2. Take time for yourself. Take a break from homework and studying to catch up on your favorite shows, listen to music or read a book just for pleasure.
  3. Go for walk. Even though its getting colder, enjoy the rest of the Fall Term weather because when you get back to campus in January it will be too cold to spend time outside.
  4. Spend time with friends. De-stress and go out to Jazz Night or play a round of ping pong in the Rodge Lodge with your friends from Knox. Take advantage of the next few weeks with your friends from Knox because you won’t see them again until after break.
  5. Go to the gym. Take 30 minutes away from work to exercise and stay in shape. If you haven’t been making it to the gym as much as you’d like this term, there’s still time.
  6. Get enough sleep. Don’t stay up too late studying and make sure you are getting your full eight hours. This will ensure that you can stay the few classes you have left.
  7. Drink water. Make sure you are getting enough to drink and eating right. Take care of your self first and then focus on school.



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Rachel Landman
Rachel Landman is a sophomore interested in journalism, creative writing and sociology. This is her first year working for TKS as Co-News Editor after having previously served as a news reporter. She became involved in journalism during her senior year of high school as one of the founding members of the student newspaper at Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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