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Chipotle comes to Oak Room

Several changes will occur at Dining Services this term, most significantly the introduction of a Chipotle-themed night in the Oak Room. Starting Wednesday, Jan. 14, students will be able to make food similar to what they could have at the chain restaurant. In preparation, Helmut Mayer, Director of Dining Services, visited several of the restaurants in order to do research.

“It was really easy to copy that menu … They’re fairly easy Mexican recipes,” Mayer said. The menu includes a choice of beef or chicken, green rice, pinto and black beans as well as sofritas, carnitas and guacamole. The new menu includes everything “but two or three things that you get at Chipotle … and hopefully better than there.”

The idea for a Chipotle-themed night was originally brought to Dining Services by the Senate Dining Services Committee.

“Any comments, suggestions we hear we bring to our weekly meeting which all students are welcome to attend: 9:30 p.m. Monday nights in the Gizmo,” Committee Chair and sophomore Max Wallace said. These suggestions are then brought to Mayer’s attention.

Chipotle night has options to make the entire meal gluten-free.

“There was the taco night and I get the beans and stuff, but it’s really exciting that there’s gonna be the wrap too so we can actually have a burrito,” Freshman Tenaya Morkner said.

The Idli, Samosa and Tikki Bar in the Oak Room, which was also almost entirely gluten-free and completely vegan, has increased availability this term also at the request of students. Both of these Oak Room meals are during times that previously would have been pasta bars.

Other changes include providing mints by the cafeteria doors, rice served every day and some recipes mildly altered to improve them.  The changes came in large part in response to student feedback.

“If it’s a good idea and I can do it, why wouldn’t I?” Mayer said.

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