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Senate searching for interim chairperson

Student Senate is seeking nominations for a new Health and Wellness Chair who will serve as an interim chairperson until the end of the year when spring elections are held.

In their meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 27, Senate approved an amendment to Article IV of their constitution which outlines the process for electing a chairperson in the middle of an academic year, in the case of resignation. The resignation of the former Health and Wellness Chair junior Katie Mansfield was announced to the Senate body last week.

Currently, Senate is seeking nominations from throughout the campus for a new chairperson. According to the new amendment, after candidates accept their nomination, they will provide a ballot statement to the Senate General Assembly, and Senators will vote to elect the individual who they think would be the best fit for the open chair position.

The elected chairperson will then take on the duties of the chairperson until Senate elections are held in the spring.

The new amendment sparked some controversy at the Senate meeting, and senators debated whether the entire student body should elect the new chairperson rather than the members of Student Senate. Senate President and senior Hiba Ahmed noted that if the entire student body were to vote, it would take several more weeks to fill the position, which is currently vacant, as candidates would have to campaign and a voting window would need to be available to campus.

Ultimately, senators voted to have the Senate General Assembly vote to elect the interim chairperson instead of the entire student body, who will elect the permanent chairperson for the next academic year in the spring elections. The amendment to the constitution detailing the appointment of a chairperson in the case of resignation was passed non-unanimously at their meeting last night.

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