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Graduate school grind

Sometimes, I feel like I know nothing about myself, especially when I am considering my graduate school choices right after graduation from Knox. Even some senior students have still struggled with applying to their graduate schools these days. It is hard to understand myself exactly and to clearly know what I want to do by deciding majors and minors.

However, I already knew the reason why I came to Knox. The reason is to prepare for graduate schools, the same reason why many Knox students came to Knox. In the process to prepare for graduate schools, I have undergone trial and error, and other Knox students have had their own.

Thinking of what I have been taking in this term, I have been feeling very uneasy because of lack of sense and skills in Design class. As my dream program needs two different applications to each graduate school, I should have both strong academic integrity in my Design portfolio and critical writing skills.

Nowadays, in my 2-D Design II class, my professor has criticized my obsession with finishing artwork too quickly and being satisfied with the fastness. He emphasized to me to spend sufficient time in finishing artwork for nice organization and simplification. After several trials and errors, I finally understood that going fast doesn’t prove that I can already reach perfection. The trial and error in my Design class sometimes discouraged me, but ultimately helped me to open my eyes to understand what is wrong and what is right. This eventually led me to change my perception about how to prepare for graduate schools.

 Sometimes, I feel like I have no potential abilities whenever I compare myself with others who seem to be much better than me in every area. Even if I know I have two different interests, fashion design and environmental sustainability law, I feel unsure about myself.

By talking with senior students who just finished applying to graduate schools, I would be able to know what to do in the right direction. They told me about how to develop myself incessantly, accepting the fact that it is inevitable to be compared with others. Jade Ivy (‘15) emphasized to focus on strong points, mainly at Knox because graduate school evaluates applicants’ specialty. Meiya Ren (‘15) emphasized that quality is more important than quantity in terms of academic integrity. They both strongly agree with incessant passion for studying what I want in graduate schools because it reforms my objective view about myself. By having enough time to study at Knox for understanding what is necessary for me, my remaining time at Knox will lead me to reach my ultimate goal after Knox, like other successful Knox graduates.

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