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Letter to the Editor: Senate demands more from school

Dear Knox Community,

Over the winter break Ariyana Smith showed great strength and bravery during her “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” demonstration and requisite four minutes and 30 seconds she lay on the floor of the gymnasium before a Knox Women’s Basketball game. The response by the Knox College Athletics Department and administration was a great disappointment to students and the greater Knox Community.

As the representation of the Knox student body, Student Senate will strive to serve as a check to the other decision makers on campus. Seeing as Knox College promotes diversity but has not set the tone for inclusivity, Student Senate will be launching programming to promote inclusivity from the ground level – starting with the student body. It is our hope that the faculty, staff, coaches, and administration follow suit.

Senate will require mandatory diversity and inclusivity training for all clubs and organizations receiving Senate funding. In order to establish our “One Community” we must create safe and inclusive spaces for all Knox students. Student Senate will be contacting all clubs and organizations who receive Senate funding to kickstart this initiative.


Student Senate


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