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Tweedy elected as Health & Wellness chair

Junior Elizabeth Tweedy was elected by Student Senate to serve as Health & Wellness chair. (Williams Shen/TKS)

Junior Elizabeth Tweedy was elected by Student Senate to serve as Health & Wellness chair. (Williams Shen/TKS)

Junior Elizabeth Tweedy has been elected to serve as Student Senate’s new Health & Wellness Chair until spring elections for Senate executive positions occur.

Tweedy accepted her nomination for the chair position after the previous Health & Wellness Chair and junior Katie Mansfield resigned.

“I definitely wanted to be involved in it because I do think it’s a great committee and I do think it’s capable of accomplishing really great things on campus,” Tweedy said. “I saw that there was a need for the chair and I accepted my nomination because I am serious about being the chair.”

Tweedy was elected by the Student Senate General Assembly, who cast ballots to vote on the new chair at their meeting Tuesday, Feb. 3. Senators voted with paper ballots at their meeting and Senate President and senior Hiba Ahmed allowed members who were absent from the meeting to vote via email.

Along with Tweedy, candidates for the position also included sophomore Elizabeth Clay and junior Shannon Caveny. These candidates were nominated throughout the course of the week after Ahmed announced at their meeting the week before that they were seeking nominations.

Tweedy and Caveny were both already members of Senate and gave brief speeches and provided ballot statements that detailed why they were running for Health & Wellness Chair and what their goals would be if they were elected to the position. Tweedy was previously on the Campus Life committee. Clay provided a ballot statement for the General Assembly to read, but was unable to attend the meeting.

Ahmed announced that Tweedy was elected Wednesday afternoon after all members of the General Assembly were given the chance to vote.

When asked about her goals as chair, Tweedy said she needs to discuss the work Mansfield had done while she was chair with the Health and Wellness committee and Ahmed. She hopes to focus on collaboration with the other committees as well.

“It is a new position so I definitely need to figure out exactly where it needs to go and what needs to be accomplished because there’s definitely a need for this committee on this campus to focus on the health and wellness of the students. There is Campus Life, and there’s Diversity and there’s Dining Services and those are all elements, but this position ties them all together,” she said.

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