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Dance workshops keep students on their feet

Sophomore Kilee Vega practices barre exercises during Jeremy Lindberg's ballet workshop.

Sophomore Kilee Vega practices barre exercises during Jeremy Lindberg’s ballet workshop.

On Monday, Knox’s dance department welcomed the program’s second artist-in-residence of the term, Jeremy Lindberg. A native of Connecticut, Lindberg studied dance at the Boston Conservatory. It was during his time at the conservatory that he discovered and developed an appreciation for flamenco.

“Very late in my performing career, I found flamenco as a love of mine,” Lindberg explained. “I began training late in my career. Now I teach and choreograph flamenco.”

While working on his Masters degree in dance at Smith College, he met Kathleen Ridlon, currently an assistant professor of dance here at Knox.

“I’m a colleague of Kathleen from graduate school. We went to graduate school together. We’ve kept in touch ever since,” recounted Lindberg. The collaborative relationship between Lindberg and Ridlon is what ultimately brought Lindberg to Knox.

On Monday and Tuesday, Lindberg served as a teacher for the Survey of Dance Forms classes while also conducting master classes in ballet. He noticed that the dancers who attended his workshops came from a wide range of experience levels.

“[There were some] people who hadn’t had much training and a few people who had a lot of training. So I tried to give a class that was sort of down the middle,” explained Lindberg. “But [the workshops] were very traditional ballet classes with a barre and center floor work. So [the classes] were very traditional.”

Although his workshops only lasted two days, the students in attendance felt that his classes gave very comprehensive introductions to ballet.

“[I’ve] never danced before, but I personally could follow everything and I enjoyed [the workshop],” said freshman Caroline Bye, who attended Lindberg’s Tuesday afternoon workshop.

On Thursday, Lindberg worked with the Latino cultural club Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (M.E.Ch.A) to offer three entry-level workshops that focused on flamenco and other Spanish folk dances like the sevillana, a dance native to Seville, Andalusia.

“We [started] working on very pedestrian techniques, we worked on clapping and rhythms,” recounted Lindberg.

This residency marks his third time serving as a guest instructor here at Knox. When asked about his general opinion of Knox, Lindberg expressed his admiration toward the school. “I really enjoy [being here]. I love this atmosphere; [it’s] very open-minded. People are interested in all kinds of things that are related to dance.”


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